By Sintha Novia Putri - March 09, 2024

A tight dress can be an interesting piece that emphasizes any woman's curves. Therefore, it presents versatility that facilitates busy routines whether at home, at work and even when creating looks aimed at leisure moments.

The fact is that a shaper dress should be an essential part of your basic collection. With a well-structured primary collection, it is possible to make small changes to be well dressed in any season. 


Can I wear the same dress in different seasons?

 Yes. With a few adjustments or accessories, you can completely transform a dress you wore in winter and make it look perfect for spring with style and comfort.

The mesh with a shaping effect leaves the tummy flat through ideal compression. The same effect is delivered on the leg lines for a more elongated look through dresses that have a side slit.

On colder days, opt for layers that can keep you warm, like a wool coat. On warmer days you can also wear layers, but made with lighter fabrics like a t-shirt made from viscose and linen.


How to adapt a dress between season changes?

For changes in season where temperatures may fluctuate more frequently, use accessories such as a silk scarf around your neck to add charm and warmth without getting too hot.

The thin, adjustable straps of a maxi dress with built in shapewear also work in an interesting way, as it is a great option for creating a cooler look during the summer, but can also be worn in conjunction with a coat with a faux fur collar to exude glamor during autumn.

Double-layer waist control leaves your tummy flat and helps align your spine for a confident posture. In addition, you have built-in bras that give you more confidence and support for your upper body. Wear a denim jacket if the temperature changes unexpectedly, but be sure to take advantage of the butt lifting technology to show off a more feminine and sexy shape through the BBL effect.


How can I add accessories typical of each season to my look?

Just match it with your fitted dress, as it is a timeless piece. A deep V neckline is assertive when you want to create better support for the breast area. If the dress has a steel ring at the top, you get extra support that will make you much more confident and attractive.

Investing in pieces that make you proud of your body is an act of self-love. Delicate applications of a lace slip maxi dress make you more feminine. Therefore, you achieve a slimmer body through the faja mesh that eliminates ripples and creates a beautiful hourglass shape. A cord enhances the neck area during a dinner for two.

In summer or spring, pair it with a wide-brimmed hat and a straw bag. In autumn or winter, add a long coat, tights and warm boots. The 4-way stretch fabric is soft against the skin and breathable, making it ideal for any weather.

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